SAM is your tailored IT solution consolidating all of your vehicle management operations into one place.

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SAM covers the entire Used Vehicle Management. Our broad portfolio of tailored solutions for sales and marketing supports our dealers and importers across Europe. Our system is built up to provide you versatility while keeping things simple and user-friendly. Thanks to our extended connections to different sourcing channels and information providers you can quickly create your desired vehicle with all the necessary information coming along.

Our goal is Your Business Success. Let us simplify your repair & refurbishment process and provide you not only with meaningful data but also suggest the actions to improve your real time stock situation. Sometimes having the right vehicles on stock is not enough to catch your customer’s eye. We provide you with additional Point of Sale material to market your stock vehicles attractively to your customers.


Times have changed and vehicle offering has moved beyond the dealership walls. Customers are choosing convenient and informative ways to look for vehicles. They expect intuitive websites enabling them to perform actions right away. They want to have the possibility to get the test drive delivered to their door, reserve or purchase their desired car online. They use social media and interactive applications for research and references. We make sure you are offering your vehicles in a way to exceed your customers’ expectations.


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Having the right processes and tools in place can help, but to maximize your business potential you need a smart analytical solution. We are not only speaking about reports, but smart analytical insights interpreted by automatic alerts or suggested actions to be taken.

To complete the business steering activities and make sure everything runs in an automatic way, we create interfaces to your accounting system or logistics provider to eliminate any manual workload.

The most valued aspect by our Business Partners is the high level of flexibility. You are free to set up your tailored IT solution according to your current needs. Different roles & rights are available to make sure everything is set up according to your organizational and legal directions.


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You will be provided by a customer-centric solution focusing on exceeding your current and future customers’ expectations.
We eliminate the unnecessary manual workload making sure your core business – providing excellent customer experience – is in the center of attention.

  • Fitting your Needs

    Your solution is based on your true needs. We will not let you invest into something without being sure about your benefits.

  • Tailored Approach

    Our work is based on agile methodologies to ensure the ability to tailor our process for the project and client we are working with. We work in cycles with regular sprints. We have regular reviews with you and are able to change priorities or add new requirements. Thus, we make sure that we only provide you with a solution you need, not with unnecessary ballast.

  • Flexibility

    We revolutionize the traditional IT business models and offer modular set-up and services across the entire vehicle management process chain. Together we will set up an IT solution fitting your requirements and organizational set-up. We are open to any interfaces and can link our solution to any already established systems or databases.

  • Your Success

    We do not only provide you with a high level of flexibility, but with a high level of expertise to make your solution reactive to the current fast-changing market place. At the end of the day your success is ours. We will expand your existing performance boundaries through new features and functionalities making sure that you stay ahead of the competition.


Are you curious about how could you improve your vehicle streams with a smart IT solution? Fill out the contact form with some information about your current processes and set-up and we will organize a meet up or live demo with you based on your requirements and needs!


We know what it is like to manage growing vehicle streams, keep up with the competition and finally satisfy your fast-changing customer needs. We also know the importance of having the right IT management solution in place. We have a widespread understanding of your business. Therefore, we decided to deliver a business service innovation to help you overcome your challenges and utilise your full business potential.

With us you will experience a new way of IT support. Businesswise, our solution is holistic covering the entire vehicle management stream. IT architecture wise it is set up on a flexible modular base. Hence you can be sure that you only get a solution addressing your real needs.


We offer a variety of linked services such as business support & consulting to help you overcome other challenges you might be facing. Our partner companies range from production, engineering, across sales and aftersales.  Our strong analytical bench can support you to get the most out of the data gathered via your IT management system and thus create an additional advantage in the high competitive market.


Here at SAM, we share a passion for innovation, brilliant ideas and execution that brings them all together in one extraordinary experience.


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